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Storage and Delivery of Gold

The gold held by Qoneco is held in secure vaults at Custodian Vaults. See here for more information. (https://www.custodianvaults.com.au) All Qoneco gold holdings are fully insured.

We offer a high security, insured pool allocated solution, ideal for investors who don’t want their bullion delivered. With free storage for all pool allocated products, your precious metal can be stored in our professionally managed vaults.

Customers can request physical delivery from storage at any time. There is a barring cost associated with pool allocated gold. Should you wish to have your pool allocated gold delivered please allow for 48 hours for our office to confirm. Please refer to the below table in relation to barring costs and the weights that can be barred.


Description Purity Barring Premium
Gold 1g Minted 99.95 not available
Gold 5g Minted 99.95 $20
Gold 10g Minted 99.95 $35
Gold 20g Minted 99.95 $50
Gold 50g Minted 99.95 $85
Gold 100g Minted 99.95 $115
1kg Cast 99.95 $165

Pool Allocated Storage Facts

  • Qoneco’s gold holdings are segregated and fully allocated
  • Independently audited
  • Sell to us or request physical delivery at any time
  • Customers can request physical delivery from storage any time. Delivery charges will apply.

We believe our storage solution provides our customers with access to high security professionally managed vaults, insurance and independent audits. We strongly believe our vaulting service offers a much better solution than a safety deposit box. Bank safety deposit boxes are becoming increasingly expensive, difficult to find and do not include insurance.

Allocated Storage Fees

Storage fees are charged at 1.0% + GST per annum of the value of your total allocated gold holdings on the first business day of the month. Charges are billed monthly in arrears. Should the fees become more than 2 months in arrears, Qoneco reserves the right to deduct the fees from the gold holdings at the rates applicable at the time these invoices are raised.

Value of Holding* Monthly Fee (including GST)
$5,000 and below Up to $25.00
$5,001 - $20,000 $50.01 to $200
$20,001 - $50,000 $200.01 to $500
$50,001 - $100,000 $500.01 to $1000
$100,001 and above 1.0%

Delivery Policy

You can request physical delivery of part or all of your stored bullion by contacting us. Our minimum shipment amount is 5 grams. Shipments may be made in 1 gram increments. Shipping will be charged at $50 per kilo (pro rata) plus insurance charged at 1% of the total value of the shipment.

Please see the table below for more information:
Value of Shipment Shipping Fee (+ VAT)
Up to $50,000 $50 per kilo + 1% insurance
Over $50,000 Please contact us on 1300 328 029 for secured courier rates + 1% Insurance

Standard shipping will take up to 10 working days and is limited to $20,000 per parcel. Larger value orders will be delivered in multiple parcels or by special arrangement via a high-security vehicle. All deliveries are fully insured. Simply call 1300328029 during office hours to request delivery and we will make arrangements. Delivery is only available to your AU linked account address. We currently do not make deliveries outside of Australia.

Why Store your Bullion with Us?

The physical possession and control of investment is one of the key benefits of investing in physical bullion. In addition to our fully insured home delivery service we are also offering customers a high security, insured and fully allocated storage solution. Bullion in allocated and pooled allocated storage is owned fully by the investor and is placed in secured vaults for safekeeping.

We strongly believe that our pooled allocated vaulting service offers a far more secure solution to more traditional safety deposit boxes. Bank safety deposit boxes are not only scarce, but the idea of storing your bullion within a bank will for many defeat the object of owning physical gold, this therefore makes pool allocated storage an appealing option for many investors. Should you the customer not wish to take physical delivery of gold but would like to purchase allocated gold you may elect to have Qoneco store your allocated gold for you. If for whatever reason you would like the physical gold, we can arrange delivery at your request.

The Benefits

Pooled allocated storage with us has a wide range of benefits to the individual investor, these are explained below.


Our allocated and fully insured storage solution, gives you peace of mind that your investment is safe. Additionally, our storage facility is independently audited every year to ensure compliance to the highest level.


Choosing storage with us gives you the flexibility to buy, sell and store in one convenient place. If you are selling your bullion back to us, funds will be paid by bank transfer into your linked account which was set up when you opened your account. Physical delivery can be requested at any point, simply call us during office hours and arrangements can be made.

Allocated gold exposure

Our storage option allows you to own physical bullion as opposed to ‘physically backed’ or ‘unallocated’ bullion. Your stored investment will remain your legal property in individually segregated storage with Qoneco and can be requested for physical delivery at any point.

Outside the banking system

Buying and storing with us allows you to hold assets outside of an unstable banking system. Holding assets outside the financial system reduces your personal exposure to banking related risks whilst also diversifying your wealth distribution.

Barring Charges

Barring charges cover the costs of fabricating your pool allocated gold holdings into a specific bar which you can take possession of.

The barring charges are a very simple calculation

Please see below example

Assume you hold 105g of gold bullion of Qoneco pool allocated gold holdings, worth AUD $5700.

In this case, the closest barring size is 100g at the cost of $115. After barring, your account is left with 5g of pool allocated gold.

If you wanted to convert your 100/105g of pool allocated gold into a gold bar, then the fee you would pay is $115 (inclusive of GST).

Buy Back

Selling Your Stored Bullion Back to Us will be available for pool allocated gold as well as allocated gold stored with Qoneco.

Payments are made by bank transfer into your linked account. See the 'Sell' section of our website or call us on 1300328029 during office hours for our current buying prices.


Qoneco's hours of operation are between 9am - 5pm AEST/AEDT on business days. Should you have general enquries regarding products or your account with Qoneco you may contact us via email to support@qoneco.com or via telephone: 1300 328 029. We will respond to your enquries within 24hours during business days.